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April 4, 2007
WebShifter 2007 (build 0404) is now available for download

April 3, 2007
WebShifter 2007 (build 0403) is now available for download

February 16, 2007
WebShifter 2007 (build 0215) is now available for download
Users who purchased a standard or update license on or after July 1st 2005 can use this version in licensed mode

January 28, 2007
The next version, WebShifter 2007, will be released early February.
See the changelog for an updated list of new features

February 19, 2006
WebShifter v2.18 is now available for download

January 10, 2006
WebShifter v2.17 is now available for download

November 14, 2005
WebShifter v2.16 is now available for download

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What is WebShifter ?

WebShifter is a web based and WAP enabled scheduler for analog, digital and satellite TV recording with integrated EPG and filemanager. It allows you to manage your TV recordings using a web browser on any PC or mobile device, at home or anywhere in the world. Main features: a sophisticated scheduler, an integrated and searchable EPG, a file browser for downloading and deleting recordings, password protected access and customizable colorskins.

WebShifter is part of a best-of-breed solution. WebShifter provides the scheduling mechanism for many TV recording software packages, including ShowShifter, Virtual VCR, WinTVCap, WinTV 2000, ChrisTV, iuVCR, MyTheatre, DVBsVCR2, TechnoTrend DVB-TV, DABDig, Fly 2000 TV and GBRecord. And support for additional recording software like Media Portal, Windows Media Center and many others is planned.

With this recording software you can record your favorite shows and movies with practically any TV or satellite tuner card from manufacturers like ADS Tech, Artec, Asus, ATI, ATMT, AverMedia, Beholder, Chaintech, Club 3D, Compro (VideoMate), DigitalRise, DViCO, Elgato (EyeTV), Freecom, Geniatech, Gigabyte, Hama, Hauppauge (WinTV), Items Technology (ITV), KWorld (DVB-T & PVR-TV), Leadtek (WinFast), LifeView (FlyDVB & FlyTV), Nebula (DigiTV), NPG (Real TV), Pinnacle (PCTV), PixelView (Prolink), Plextor, TechniSat (SkyStar), Terratec (Cinergy) and Twinhan.
Here is a full list of TV and satellite tuners (including analog, digital (DVB-T, DVB-S and DVB-C) and hybrid solutions) and their supported recording software.

TV recording (also referred to as video recording of video capture) can be done in various ways. Using the good old VCR, a DVD recorder, a harddisk recorder and subscription services like TiVo and DirecTV. But the most flexible way for TV recording still is by using a tuner card in your PC.

Why is this the most flexible way ? Because it allows you to do with the recording what you want; watch it on any PC, stream it accross your network to your PDA or mobile phone, convert it to other file formats for playback on your iPod, PSP or any other portable video player, burn multiple recordings to DVD with your favorite authoring software, you name it, you can do it!

With the start of the HTPC / Media Center era, where the PC is more and more integrated in our daily activities at home, the need for flexible TV recording solutions will grow even further. People want to watch TV when it suits them. TV on demand, but hardware and location independent, with high quality video, easy to use and of course low cost. The PC will become a Personal Video Recorder (PVR), not only recording what you specify, but also recording what you probably would like to see, based on previous recording prefences.

WebShifter's aim is to make scheduling a TV recording as easy as sending an e-mail or making a phone call.
TV recording anywhere is the future. The future is now, the future is WebShifter!


What's new in WebShifter 2007

Keyword recording, automatically add recordings based on EPG information

Use multiple TV tuners/cards in a single recording schedule; WebShifter will automatically assign each recording to an available tuner

Queue for conflicting recordings; WebShifter will automatically try to reschedule when you modify or delete scheduled recordings

Specify recording priority for autamatic (re)scheduling

Specify recording location (folder) per recording

Recording history database to prevent duplicate recordings


Translation into Dutch and Norwegian

Full unicode support

See the changelog for a complete list of changes

WebShifter is (C) 2003-2017 InterWorld / Rik Halfmouw