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WebShifter 2007 build 1xxx beta (in progress, January 6, 2008)

Added: German translation (thanks Thomas!)
Added: Several performance improvements for systems with a large number of recordings
Added: New webserver component to improve stability and performance
Added: Optionally replace specific characters (like spaces) in the recording filename
Fixed: Keyword recordings were not always scheduled with ChrisTV

WebShifter 2007 build 0404 (April 4, 2007)

Added: Updated Norwegian translation (thanks Morten!)
Fixed: ChrisTV always shutted down the computer after recording if it was scheduled with WebShifter

WebShifter 2007 build 0403 (April 3, 2007)

Added: Support for ChrisTV PVR 5.x
Fixed: ShowShifter and ChrisTV could not be used in combination with other recording software
Fixed: Recording conflicts were not detected properly for recordings that start on day X and end on the next day

WebShifter 2007 build 0215 (February 16, 2007)

Added: Keyword recording, automatically add recordings based on EPG information
Added: Use multiple TV tuners/cards in a single recording schedule; WebShifter will automatically assign each recording to an available tuner
Added: Queue for conflicting recordings; WebShifter will automatically try to reschedule when you modify or delete scheduled recordings
Added: Specify recording priority per recording
Added: Specify pre- and postpadding per recording
Added: Option to skip password check for users coming from localhost
Added: Translation into Dutch and Norwegian
Added: Confirm delete of scheduled recording
Added: Delete multiple scheduled recordings at once
Added: Save a guide search as a keyword recording
Added: Episode details and program description are stored with each scheduled recording
Added: Full unicode support
Added: Specify recording location (folder) when scheduling
Added: Documentation
Added: Schedule multiple programs at once from a search result
Added: Block a specific program from being scheduled by a keyword recording
Added: Recording history database, used to prevent multiple recordings of the same program
Added: Episode name is shown in recording list, guide and search results
Added: Support for importing of unsorted XMLtv files
Added: Local WebShifter PC time is continiously shown

WebShifter v2.18 (February 19, 2006)

Added: Support for MPEG hardware profiles in ChrisTV
Added: Better error handling for recording tasknames in ChrisTV
Added: On first time install you are asked if you want to set a password

WebShifter v2.17 (January 10, 2006)

Bugfix: View channel command in the guide didn't work anymore
Bugfix: Program descriptions were limited to 400 characters
Bugfix: Recording software could not be deleted
Bugfix: Recording start date did not use the short date display setting
Bugfix: DABDig.vbe could not be run

WebShifter v2.16 (November 14, 2005)

Added: Optional support for connections from proxies with multiple IP addresses
Bugfix: Viewing channel groups in the guide sometimes showed incorrect layout
Bugfix: Editing a channel group did not show selected channels

WebShifter v2.15 (November 13, 2005)

Added: Database changes and optimizations. Smaller database size (up to 70% smaller) and much better performance for a large EPG dataset (tested with 14 days of full details for 90 channels)
Added: Several new searchfields (person, rating, category)
Added: View upcoming shows on the program detail page
Added: Search results now also show episode name (if available)
Added: Select timeframe when viewing the guide (all day, morning, afternoon, evening, night)
Bugfix: Clearing the recent recordings list sometimes failed
Bugfix: When configuring the XMLtv grabber, WebShifter added an invalid --output parameter

XMLtvList update 20050923 (September 23, 2005)
(XMLtvList is a tool used by WebShifter to collect EPG data from different sources.)

Bugfix: Replace the invalid --output parameter added by WebShifter
This bug will be fixed in WebShifter as well in the next release
Bugfix: When importing the MyTheatre EPG, in some cases the channel information is missing.
You must rerun the import wizard!

WebShifter v2.14 (August 10, 2005)

Added: Extended search options for searching programs in the guide (updated screenshot)
Added: Colorskin optimized for use with Pinnacle ShowCenter (thanks to Louis)
Added: Default configuration settings for TechnoTrend DVB-TV (thanks to Aksel)
Added: New parameters for default filename: category, aspect ratio, rating and episode title
Bugfix: scheduling multiple recordings did not set the the filename correctly
Bugfix: editing a scheduled recording sometimes resulted in an incorrect conflict error
Bugfix: missing backslash in recording path in the recording software wizard
Bugfix: xmltv grabbers installed in a directory with a space in the directory name failed to run

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WebShifter v2.12 (August 3, 2005)

Added: Waking up the PC now also works if you use an application that forces the PC in stand by or hibernation
Added: extra checks to prevent disk access to diskless removable drives (like memory card readers)
Added: The non-javascript web interface is now accessible through the URL http://ip:port/html
Added: Simplified configuration procedure (less messages) when installing WebShifter for the first time

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