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Frequently Asked Questions
Where does the name WebShifter come from ?

WebShifter was originally built to provide a web interface for ShowShifter.
Now WebShifter supports many different software packages for TV recording and support for many more packages will be added.

How much does WebShifter cost ?

A WebShifter Standard license key costs 19,95 (+VAT), a Gold license key costs 49,95 (+VAT)
The use of WebShifter Light (activated after the 30 day trial period) is currently free.

WebShifter Light is limited to scheduling one-time recordings that start today and does not support features like keyword scheduling.

What is the difference between the Standard and the Gold license ?

The Gold license allows you to install and use any version of WebShifter (no matter when it was released) on a single computer for personal use.

The Standard license allows you to install and use any version of WebShifter released within a year after purchase on a single computer for personal use.

If for example you bought a Standard license key on March 14, 2005, you will be able to use all versions of WebShifter that are released before March 14, 2006. Any version released on or after March 14, 2006 can not be used with this license key, but you can still use the older versions; that's what you paid for.

If want to be able to use newer versions you can buy a Standard Update license key, which extends your license with another year. A Standard Update license key costs 8,95 (+VAT).

Why do I have to pay for WebShifter ?

Building and extending WebShifter is very time consuming. There are also several commercial components in WebShifter which cost money.

Your financial contribution allows us to continue our work and make it a better product.
Your money will also be used to financially support the open source projects that WebShifter benefits from.
The following projects have already received a donation:

My TV recording software is not yet or not fully supported by WebShifter, can you add (better) support ?

If you use TV recording software that is not yet supported by WebShifter or if you are the author of such software, please contact webshifter@iwg.nl with as much information as possible about the software.

If your software is not fully supported (only certain features), that can be because the software does not offer the possibility to be fully supported.
Please contact webshifter@iwg.nl if you think you have work arounds.

Can you add feature XYZ to WebShifter ?

We always welcome ideas and suggestions to improve WebShifter, just as long as it enhances the main purpose of WebShifter, which is managing TV recordings on your PC.

WebShifter is (C) 2003-2017 InterWorld / Rik Halfmouw