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Wishlist / Todo

Vote for your most wanted feature (1 vote per IP address, you can change your vote at any time by voting again).
All of the features listed below will eventually be implemented, but it's up to you to help decide which feature will be first.

Total number of votes: 8776
Latest vote: Optionally set end time instead of duration when scheduling a recording
Your current vote: None

Support for other recording software packages

Program features

  • Schedule recordings by e-mail (1537 votes) [Vote]
  • Notification by e-mail (or email to sms gateway) right before a program starts (604 votes) [Vote]
  • Integrate support for VideoLAN in the file browser to stream recordings to other PCs or a PDA (241 votes) [Vote]
  • Save frequently used searches as bookmark on the search page (185 votes) [Vote]
  • API for external applications (179 votes) [Vote]
    • Allow for external applications to interface with WebShifter, like a GUI client or a module in another web application
    • Interfaces via COM and SOAP
  • Store recording details in a recording history library and show these details in the file browser when selecting the related recording file (175 votes) [Vote]
  • Put PC in standby or hibernation after a recording ends (169 votes) [Vote]
  • Automatically run the stop command at the end of a recording for software that does not stop by itself (167 votes) [Vote]
  • Translation to other languages (i.e. Dutch, German, French, etc.) (163 votes) [Vote]
  • More suitable layout for handheld devices (158 votes) [Vote]
  • Do timezone correction based on timezone instead of number of hours when importing XMLtv files (153 votes) [Vote]
  • Show channel logos in the guide (150 votes) [Vote]
  • Add next day and previous day links to the guide (150 votes) [Vote]
  • Define custom commands for files in the filebrowser (149 votes) [Vote]
  • RSS feeds that list scheduled and recorderd programs as well as custom streams created from guide data based on search criteria (149 votes) [Vote]
  • Run EPG data import manually from the web interface (148 votes) [Vote]
  • Automatic diskspace management (147 votes) [Vote]
  • Set recording schedule on external website and have WebShifter download this on regular intervals, so you don't have to open up your router or firewall (147 votes) [Vote]
  • Multiple useraccounts with optional recording restrictions (147 votes) [Vote]
    • Example:
      Have your kids schedule their own programs, but only on certain channels and only during 8 am and 7 pm. They can't override recordings scheduled by their parents (parent can override anything of course)
  • Schedule post-recording commands or other (non recording) tasks (145 votes) [Vote]
  • Optionally set end time instead of duration when scheduling a recording (143 votes) [Vote]
  • More functionality in the WAP interface (edit, delete, TV guide) (142 votes) [Vote]
  • Show programs that are already scheduled for recording in a different color in the guide (141 votes) [Vote]
  • I-Mode support (136 votes) [Vote]
  • Copy recording software settings to a new entry (134 votes) [Vote]
  • Put PC in standby or hibernation manually from the web interface (131 votes) [Vote]
  • Show programs that are currently on TV in a different color in the guide (130 votes) [Vote]
  • Specify window mode of the recording software (hidden, minimized, normal, maximized) (129 votes) [Vote]
  • Optionally show program description as tooltip/hint (popup) in the guide grid (127 votes) [Vote]
  • One-click-recording option to immediately start a recording on a specific channel (127 votes) [Vote]
  • Add link to recordings list, program guide, recorded history and program description to quickly add program title as keyword recording (127 votes) [Vote]
  • Export/Import of configuration data (124 votes) [Vote]
  • Show multiple days when viewing a single channel in the guide (114 votes) [Vote]
  • If you have anything to add to this this list, please send it to webshifter@iwg.nl

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